Product,  Novel Side-Branch Stent

stent-graft BiFlow Medical is developing a unique side-branch stent to be used during percutaneous procedures in endovascular stent grafting.

The innovative nickel-titanium alloy stent relies on elasticity and two-way shape memory properties for deployment in bifurcated vessels to restore and ensure normal blood flow in bifurcations.

The BiFlow Procedure

During the procedure, the side-branch stent is introduced in a secondary artery. It penetrates the main graft in the main artery, and then it opens for total sealing. This enables easier, shorter, and less costly procedures. The BiFlow stent presents significantly lower risk to the patient.



  • Enables an easier, shorter, less costly procedure
  • Deploys easily, and is low profile
  • Does not require custom or anatomically dependent components
  • Increases the number of patients who can undergo conventional endovascular repair (EVAR)